Installation & Services

ALSS is home to the one and only Doctor Sound!

Is your sound system buzzing, humming, or otherwise not behaving properly? Taking matters into your own hands could be expensive.

Over the past 30 years we’ve helped many churches, schools and theaters improve the quality and performance of their existing sound equipment, usually without having to spend more money on new equipment. Dr. Sound will visit your facility for 4 hours for only $300.00* in order to give your system a thorough checkup. Along the way we may correct any bad/improper wiring, improper gain structure and poor equalization, fix other sound problems that are present, and may even be able to provide you and your team with some training on the operation of your equipment if time permits.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment or to have us answer any questions. Call 860-643-8401 and ask for Glen.

* Fine print – certain limitations do apply. Any parts are not included. Mileage charge may apply based on location.