Fog & Haze Machines


hazemachineHAZE MACHINE – Antari HZ-500 Haze machine, very quiet! Includes 1 tank of haze fluid.
Day/Weekend: $60
Week: $120

antari-iceICE – Antari ICE low lying fog machine. Fluid and ice/dry ice not included.
Day/Weekend: $50
Week: $100

In order to insure that your rental of our fog and haze equipment is worry free, we ask that our customers use the fluids available from our company. The manufacturers require the use of their fluids in their machines in order to guarantee proper operation. As such, if any other fluid is used in our machines, the Renter will be charged a cleaning fee of $50.00 per unit or the purchase cost of the machine.

Fog & Haze Fluid

Antari Haze fluid, 1 gallon – $59.95
Low lying fog fluid, 4 liters – $34.95